(f) to organize and organize examinations for candidates for admission to the bar; 1. The Council shall have the task of providing postgraduate legal studies and training at the national, regional and international levels in the drafting of legislation. Perimeter`s new lawyers are working with in-house counsel from General Electric and DLA Piper`s African member firm, Chibesakunda & Co. Advocates, to train law students in negotiation and legal writing at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE). Through a combination of practical group exercises, simulations and case studies, students are confronted with different questions and documents on a daily basis. Course topics include negotiating dispute resolution clauses and drafting agreements related to sale and purchase, joint ventures and loans. The objective of the course is to support lawyers and legal institutions in Zambia by building the capacity and capacity of ZIALE by introducing new teaching methods and materials. The project also aims to increase the capacity and skills of the country`s next generation of lawyers. (b) the minimum qualifications of students seeking admission to the Bar; (a) establish minimum qualifications for access to education for persons wishing to register as students of the Institute; Ms. Malata stressed that this will lead their respective organizations to success and sustainability through excellence, with a thorough understanding and analysis of Zambia`s legal framework for good corporate governance. The predecessor of the Zambia Institute of Higher Legal Education (hereinafter referred to as «ZIALE» or «the Institute») was the Institute of Law Practice (LPI), established in 1968. The LPI was established to provide postgraduate law students with basic training in the fundamentals of legal practice, leading to the admission of qualified students as lawyers. The Institute was re-established as a corporation in 1996 by an Act of Parliament.

(i) To provide postgraduate law courses and conduct such examinations as the Council deems necessary; In accordance with the Zambia Institute of Higher Legal Education Act No. 10 of 1996 (hereinafter referred to as «the Act»), Chapter 49 of the Laws of Zambia, the functions have been expanded to include postgraduate legal studies at the national, regional and international levels and training in bills and other courses (section 4 (1)). (h) promote international cooperation in the field of postgraduate studies for the preparation of draft laws and regulations by the Council; With the introduction of 7. National Development Plan (7NDP) and the completion of the ZIALE Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021, ZIALE first had to renew and update the curriculum of all traditional trainings to make them up-to-date and relevant to the needs of its clients, who are legal and non-legal professionals, as well as to the needs of the country and the region. Learn more. (e) Recommend to the Zambia Qualifications Authority to accredit and recognize the minimum courses required as part of the qualifications of foreign students who wish to be enrolled as students of the Institute; «The New Dawn Government`s vision and mission statement focuses on time for change and hard work. Accountability, national unity, equality before the law, good governance and economy, transformation and respect for citizens` freedoms and rights, transparency, accountability and social justice,» she said. (j) to develop and publish a curriculum necessary for the purposes of examinations defined and carried out by the Council;. Corporate Governance and Law from Wednesday 24 to 26 November 2021 Livingstone. 13. Constitution of the Zambia Institute of Higher Legal Education.

She went on to say that ZIALE is a major player in national development and accelerating efforts around Vision 2030, which is fast approaching. 20TH. Disclosure of interest in the audit or audit papers She said the conference will help delegates understand the principles of good corporate governance, as this ensures that economic market participants adhere to good business practices and are familiar with all environmental and governance issues. Interested candidates should send cover letters with CV copies of academic and professional articles and the national registration card no later than 7 July 2022 to the following address: The Director of Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education Plot No.