Plymouth Citizens Advice also has in-house legal counsel who can provide ad hoc advice or ongoing support. Whether you`re running a trust, school, college, or university, the legal implications are diverse and diverse, ranging from employment and human resources law, to issues with students and parents, to complaints and requests for information. We are the local education experts in the region with a client base of over 100 schools in Devon and Cornwall. Our clients range from some of the largest MATs to individual primary schools, all of which have chosen Wolferstans to provide their ongoing HR and/or legal support, as our pragmatic, solutions-based approach is provided at an affordable and cost-effective price. We are lawyers specializing in criminal law, mental health law, mental performance law and motor vehicle law. We rely entirely on our excellent reputation and the recommendations of our customers. We offer Platinum packages that not only provide the security needed to manage your trust or school on a day-to-day basis, but also strategic support for larger projects, all at a competitive price, with unlimited usage (excluding exclusions) and access outside normal business hours. However, we are aware that not all trusts or schools are created equal, and we are aware that this high level of support may not be compatible with your budget constraints or that you may have in-house expertise, meaning you do not need this investment in legal aid and you can opt for a limited use package such as HR and/or Legal Plus. Public funding, known as legal aid, is sometimes provided to fund legal advice, family mediation and court representation. These funds are provided by the Legal Aid Agency in England and Wales. Before contacting us, please complete a legal aid check.

If you are eligible for legal aid, we recommend that you consult a lawyer rather than our service. You can check your eligibility for legal aid here: Plymouth Citizens Advice can provide remote legal advice in partnership with the University House Law Centre in London. This means we can offer a unique 45-minute consultation with a lawyer conducted remotely. The search results list legal aid lawyers and Plymouth law firms that can handle cases with legal aid. You can read customer reviews or leave your own review. Legal aid is administered by the Commission des services juridiques and paid for by the government. It is helpful to pay the cost of legal advice in some cases where someone might not otherwise be able to afford it. Legal aid funds are managed in such a way as to protect people`s fundamental rights and to ensure a fair trial, access to judicial procedures, dispute resolution and address issues that contribute to social exclusion. We can consult all your files and documents, advise you on the prospects for defending the claim and represent you in the future. We offer pragmatic and realistic advice, can come to your school to talk to all the staff involved and get in touch with the applicants or their legal representatives. We have worked closely with the lawyer on more complex claims and can prepare court documentation on your behalf.

Often, there is a maximum salary a client can earn by working with a legal aid or pro bono lawyer. Wolferstans` team of education lawyers and support specialists are here to provide effective legal assistance to your educational institution. Most family law cases must be means-tested before legal aid can be granted. You must prove that you are unable to pay your legal fees. You must provide information about your and your partner`s income, benefits, savings, property and shares. The transformation of the academy should be easy, and we are here to remove or overcome the legal hurdles that need to be overcome. Our experience in this sector has allowed us to build personal relationships with key local contacts at DfE, PCC, CCC, DCC and EFA to make your transition as smooth as possible. Non-means-tested legal aid is available if custody or supervision proceedings are initiated against your child.

You may also be eligible for legal aid for certain injunctions, such as a non-harassment order, but a contribution may be required. If your school is considering converting to an academy, joining an MAT or pushing for MAT expansion, please contact one of our education advocates. We will then visit your school to discuss the process with you. We offer free strategic support prior to project change/planning. This typically includes face-to-face meetings and advice on structure, process, costs, and schedules. For more information, see our Academy and MAT Conversion section below. We are the preferred partner of the Cornwall Association of Primary Heads, with both James and Victoria invited to serve on the Board of Directors. They provide regular legal training to Cornwall executives and CEOs.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing prompt expert legal advice and representation Please note that appointments with lawyers are only available every Thursday for family law. They take place at 1200 or 1300 If you have a legal case to deal with and are currently receiving food stamps or have a low income, use Super Lawyers to find an experienced legal/pro bono lawyer. We are the preferred legal partner of the Cornwall Association of Primary Heads (CAPH) and the South West Institute for Teaching (SWIFT), with James Twine and Victoria Sargeant both serving on the CAPH Board of Directors. If you`re going through major changes in your family`s life, such as moving in with your partner, getting married, or getting divorced, it`s important to protect yourself and your loved ones with expert legal advice. We provide free legal advice and support to people with family, housing and employment issues, but we do not have in-house counsel and are not entitled to legal aid. Strict criteria must be met to be eligible for legal aid. This can generally be divided into three main considerations: it can be advice on how to prepare a motion or statement from the court, advice on preparing for a hearing, or representation at a particular hearing. We may charge a price guarantee or hourly rate (as described above) for this. Get the latest information from the Wolferstans team. Our team is made up of education specialists who are dedicated to continually supporting schools, which means they understand the unique particularities of the education sector. Thanks to daily support of this kind, our specialists are familiar with the existing model guidelines of STPCD, Burgundy Book, PCC, CCC and DCC and the freedoms available to academies. You will be asked to pay an amount in advance before the work begins and you will then be billed monthly.

Dealing with the education sector on a daily basis means that the team is accustomed to all issues that affect our clients, including long-term absenteeism and benefits management, as well as real estate and governance issues. We have an impeccable track record in defending disability discrimination complaints filed by parents against schools. Wolferstans has one of the largest teams of family law lawyers in the Southwest, specializing in all aspects of family law. We can help you with all kinds of family matters professionally and sympathetically. Working with our accessible and highly experienced family law team can make it easier to deal with these sensitive issues, minimizing the risk of conflict while ensuring you get the right outcome for you and your family. Our reminder period is 5 business days – you will receive a confirmation by SMS or email when we have reviewed your case for next steps Your situation may make you eligible for legal aid. If you would like to provisionally assess your financial eligibility, please click here. We would be happy if you could contact us on the day of your court hearing. We pride ourselves on our expertise, advocacy skills and efficient service.

Working for Plymouth College and Kelly College means we have experience advising the independent education sector on tuition and kindergarten and debt recovery – we are well positioned to meet the unique challenges of pursuing this type of debt. Do I have to give my staff a day off for the Queen`s funeral? The advice of a labour lawyer. We regularly appear before the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court and the Court of Protection here in Plymouth or elsewhere in the South West. All of our family law services are usually provided at a pre-arranged hourly rate. We offer different hourly rates depending on the experience level of the person doing the work, with VAT added to the hourly rate.