«This means that when trans and gender people come forward for a problem, we are able to diagnose and resolve other legal issues they face, but may have avoided due to mistrust or lack of access.» Now in its 15th year, the Law Institute of Victoria`s Victorian Legal Awards are Victoria`s most prestigious legal awards program. St Kilda Legal Service in Victoria now has a dedicated LGBTIQ lawyer, Sam Elkin, for the legal needs of the communities. 12 What best describes your gender identity? Male Female Non-binary/gender diverse Different identity (please specify) ___ Are you born with a variation in your sex characteristics? (sometimes called intersex) Yes No Not sure Better not to say What kind were you assigned at birth? He was the son of the Duke of Nassau. legal sex on your original birth certificate Male Woman Different classification (please specify) ___ Better not to answer «Parts of the LGBTIQ community have long been afraid of the legal system, tinged with previous negative experiences with police, lawyers and other legal institutions.» Having a dedicated ministry with someone like me who is also trans gives the community the confidence to engage with the legal system and goes a long way in rebuilding trust. The grant helped establish the LGBTIQ Legal Service, the first legal service of its kind in Victoria. «This service has had an extremely positive impact on the community,» they said. The service will be provided through a health justice partnership with the Victorian AIDS Council and will be able to support LGBTIQ people across Victoria. This service provides information, advice and some legal matters to members of the LGBTIQ community in many areas of law, including fines and debts, tenancies, central link, NDIS, domestic violence, discrimination, employment issues, name changes, minor criminal matters, etc. James speaks with Sam Elkin, Victoria`s first dedicated LGBTIQ+ awareness advocate, about the LGBTIQ Legal Service, a partnership between St. Kilda Legal Service and Thorne Harbour Health and their work on queer family issues, discrimination, employment, wellness, domestic violence and the important work the service does. 13 What your CLC can do Keep your networks/referral routes up to dateMake sure your service is accessible (including gender-neutral washrooms) Celebrate events like IDAHOBIT Day (May 17) and International Transgender Day of Remembrance in your workplace (November 20) If you have events, invite LGBTIQ speakers (and pay them for their time!) Keep in mind that LGBTIQ people are also part of all CALD and ATSI communities and also suffer from disabilities. Make sure your workplace policies are up to date (gender-neutral language in ASD, consider transitional leave clauses, think about how you can make your workplace a safe place to get to work) Organization representatives at Change Your ID Day December 17 is the International Day to End Violence in A day to commemorate those who lost their lives this year and renew the commitment to the ongoing struggle for the empowerment, visibility and rights of all sex workers. The Victoria Law Foundation is delighted that the LGBTIQ Legal Service is becoming an actor and congratulates the team on its appointment.

9 Be respectful – Don`t use words like «» or «» Never use «gay» to refer to negative situations or phenomena. If you make a mistake, apologize and move on (i.e. don`t do it yourself!). Try not to continue the error. Don`t say, «Oh, I`m just old school» and leave it at that. Don`t ask about people`s body parts/medical history unless you`re in the small minority of people who actually need to know. James talks to Jane Green, sex worker activist and member of the Vixen Collective, about the collective`s campaign to decriminalize sex work in Victoria, the ongoing fight for sex workers` rights, and the impact of Tumblr`s ban on «explicit images» on sex workers. «As Victoria and Australia slowly work towards equality for the LGBTIQ community, we are delighted to support this project, which will help close the equity gap,» said Lynne Haultain, Executive Director of VLF, at the time. 5 Systemic disadvantage Internalized homophobiaIncremental trauma Internalized homophobia Minority stress, which can lead to poor mental health and increased hazardous drug and alcohol use = fines, violations, debts, mental health admissions, experiences of discrimination, central link issues, deportation proceedings, domestic violence, VOCAT applications, complaints against police, NDIS calls. 2 The LGBTIQ Legal Service is a new health justice partnership between St Kilda Legal Service and Thorne Harbour Health Trans: from the Melissa Berry & Lesley Soden Equality & Diversity team.

In 2017, the St Kilda Legal Service and the Victorian AIDS Council received the largest grant from the Victoria Law Foundation, $111,000. «The foundation firmly believed that the LGBTIQ legal service was a long-standing idea when we funded it, and its success clearly proves that,» says Haultain today. The free event was sold out and shows how the work of the LGBTIQ legal department is received by the community. Representatives from the Australian Department of Social Services, the Australian Passport Office, Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria and VicRoads, as well as lawyers from the St Kilda Legal Service were available to assist. James speaks with Timothy Jones, a historian of gender, sexuality and religion and lecturer at La Trobe University, about the postal survey on same-sex marriage a year later and its impact on the queer community, the Ruddock Report on religious freedom, and his contribution to the publication of The Lifted Brow «Going Postal.» People in need of help can make an initial consultation with Sam at the Victorian AIDS Council (615 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne) by emailing sam@skls.org.au or contacting them on 0490 086 090. Creating an enabling environment for LGBTQ students Sam also praised LGBTIQ Legal Service`s partnership with Thorne Harbour Health, the world`s first partnership of its kind. For more information, contact Sam Elkin via sam@skls.org.au. 6 Some additional difficulties. Courts are still incredibly gender-specific spaces Transgender and gender-specific clients may have additional medical expenses LGBTIQ people may have more difficulty accessing a culturally appropriate clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to write a court report for them Identity issues often mean that TGD people`s ID may be a mix of their old and current names.

Behaviour change programmes for LGBTIQ men Ageing LGBTIQ population and the elderly care sector Care attitudes Your choice of where you want to be treated. Sam Elkin, LGBTIQ Outreach Lawyer at St Kilda Legal Service Since then, the LGBTIQ Legal Department has made its way. «The passion and dedication of everyone involved was incredible,» they say. With Transgender Victoria, he spearheaded Change Your ID Day during Law Week, an event where trans and gender people could update their ID documents at multiple agencies in one convenient location. 7 What does a «safe and inclusive» interaction with an LGBTIQ person really look like? GENDER, GENDER AND ORIENTATION. DIVERSITY: o The belief that differences between people are accepted and celebrated, rather than seen as sources of separation. The LGBTIQ Legal Department – part of St Kilda`s Legal Department – is a finalist for Community Lawyer or Organisation of the Year at the 2019 Victorian Legal Awards.