The estimated advertising rate for the newspaper is $313.00. Note: Ad rate estimates are typically based on one inch of black and white ad space column. Seasonal factors must also be taken into account. Our estimates are estimates only and may be out of date or incorrect. Advertising prices change frequently. Contact the newspaper`s advertising department for an accurate quote. To update or correct the advertising information in the newspapers on this page, please use the following link: For more information on advertising prices or to place an ad, please contact the advertising department at (916) 321-1000. Click here for a form to explain the fictitious business name of Sacramento County in PDF format. Wondering how much advertising costs in the Sacramento Bee? The Sacramento Bee is the largest daily newspaper in Sacramento, California. The newspaper has an approximate readership of 279,000.

It is owned by McClatchy Newspapers. The Sacramento County Superior Court held and ordered that the Sacramento Gazette be a qualified newspaper with general circulation for the city and county of Sacramento, California. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this form. Sacramento Bee2100 Q StSacramento, CA 95816-6899Phone: (916) 321-1000Fax: (916) 321-1109 Pocket NewsSacramento GazetteAll Sacramento newspapers.